Property Regulations

Property Regulations

Municipal Code 5-5
The City of Artesia municipal code requires a minimum standard of maintenance of all structures, if inhabited, to meet life safety code requirements. Typically this includes hot and cold running water, heat, operable windows and exterior door locks, adequate means of egress, working sewer system. Please note, however, that the code enforcement officer does not automatically have the right to inspect a property to enforce these codes, unless requested by the tenant or law enforcement personnel as the result of an investigation.

The City of Artesia does not have the statutory authority to intervene in Landlord/Tenant issues. The New Mexico Legal Aid has prepared a guide to tenant rights:

Buildings that have been vacant or boarded up for two years and are determined to be unsafe, constitute a fire hazard, involves illegal or improper occupancy, or is otherwise dangerous to the public welfare may be condemned and demolished.

Street Addresses

The purpose of the city's housing address ordinance is to facilitate the location of individual dwellings and businesses for the delivery of emergency services. All houses, buildings and places of business shall be numbered in accordance with the ordinance. For specific size and placement of numbers view Municipal Code 9-14-4

Abandonment of Dangerous Objects

Municipal Code 5-1E-7
It is unlawful to abandon, discard or keep in any place accessible to children any refrigerator, icebox, freezer, airtight container, cabinet or similar container of a capacity of 1-1/2 cubic feet or more which is no longer in use without sealing or removing the doors or other entrances so as to make it impossible for a child to be imprisoned therein.

Obstructing Movement

Municipal Code 5-1B-9
It is unlawful to hinder, annoy or molest persons passing along any public right-of-way, or to place or erect upon any public way an obstruction of any type except temporary barriers or warning signs placed for the purpose of safeguarding against a hazard.

Advertising Matter

Municipal Code 5-1C-4
It is unlawful for any person to distribute commercial advertising on a public way, or to distribute advertising on private property, including utility poles, without the express consent of the owner.