Hiring Process

  1. All applicants are required to complete an online application. An application must be submitted for each job an applicant is interested in. Incomplete applications and applications received after the posting deadline will not be considered. Applications submitted for positions that are not posted will not be accepted. Resumes are accepted only as additional information.
  2. All applicants are screened according to required and preferred qualifications. Applicants who do not meet the minimum qualifications will not continue in the application process.
  3. All qualified applications are made accessible to the appropriate supervisor or department head for review. Supervisors or department heads are responsible for selecting applicants for interview. Testing may be utilized where appropriate.
  4. Once interviews are completed the interview board will make a recommendation to the Mayor for his/her approval. If the interview board determines that none of the applicants are suitable for the position, additional qualified applicants may be interviewed or the board may recommend that the position be reposted.

For more information please contact the Personnel Department.