The Artesia Police Department Training Section conducts or facilitates biennium training requirements for all commissioned members of the department. The department also meets mandatory safety training hours as required by The City of Artesia. Since moving into the new Public Safety Complex, much of the training that officers require is now conducted in-house and the department opens these sessions to surrounding agencies. This has made the department a training hub for the region and promotes professionalism in law enforcement throughout the area.

Our cadre of instructors is large and has multiple specialties including, but not limited to, Emergency Driving, Firearms, Defensive Tactics, Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, TASER, Use of Force, Pepperball®, First-aid / CPR, and various types of specialized investigations. Our instructors maintain instructor credentials either through the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, or both.

Instructors from the department also provide instruction at the Police Academy located on the New Mexico Junior College campus in Hobbs, NM.

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