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1. How do I find out if someone has been arrested?
2. Where do I go to pay a traffic ticket?
3. Where is the records department located and what are the hours of operation?
4. How much does it cost to get copies of reports or background checks?
5. Can I get a copy of someone else's arrest record?
6. Can I find out if I have an active warrant for my arrest?
7. When do I call 911?
8. How and when do I report suspicious activity?
9. Can a police report be taken over the telephone?
10. How do I file a complaint or compliment on an employee of the police department?
11. Where is the Artesia Police Department located?
12. What are the hours of the Artesia Police Department?
13. I was in a motor vehicle crash. Do I need to contact the police?
14. How can I obtain a copy of my accident/incident report?
15. How can I get a background check completed for myself?
16. I have been a victim of identity theft. What do I do?
17. How do I obtain a restraining order or an order for protection?
18. I have lost my citation. How can I pay my fine?
19. I lost something and want to know if it was turned into the police department or I want to see if I can retrieve my confiscated property. Who do I contact?
20. If the Artesia Police Department towed my car, how can I find out where it is located?
21. I locked my keys in my vehicle. Will the police respond to open my vehicle for me?
22. Does the Artesia Police Department provide fingerprint services?
23. I would like my child seat inspected to ensure it was installed properly. Does the police department have someone certified to do this?