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1. What time can I appear to see the judge?
2. What is an Arraignment?
3. What can you plead at arraignment?
4. How long does a court session usually last?
5. What time can I appear to see the judge?
6. What will happen if I do not appear for my citations, or do not pay the fines?
7. How do I find out why my license is suspended?
8. How many points is the offense cited worth on my driver's record?
9. If I have a bench warrant and go to Court, will I be arrested?
10. How do I find out the status of the bond money I posted?
11. Can I complete community service at places other than where the municipal court has designated?
12. How can I reschedule my court date?
13. How can I find out when my hearing date is set?
14. Someone I know was arrested and is in jail. When will he / she go to court?
15. Why can't I speak to the judge on the phone about my case?
16. Why does the Municipal Court want me to update my personal information?