Are you interested in buying my antique?
No, we don't have any sort of acquisition funds. Our entire collection has been donated! (Thank you, everyone!) If you have something you are interested in selling, try a local antique store, an auction house, or an online auction site like eBay.

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1. How can I get copies of Museum photographs?
2. I need research assistance or some historical information--what do I do?
3. I'm visiting and would like to see specific objects in the Museum's collection--how do I arrange this?
4. I want an appraisal or to know how much my antique is worth--can you help me?
5. Are you interested in buying my antique?
6. I would like access to your film/oral history/microfilm collections--how do I arrange this?
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9. Is there a published history of Artesia available?
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