Dress Code

Municipal Court Dress Code Policy

  • No Improper attire (clothing) such as: hats, caps, short-shorts, tank tops, spaghetti-strapped blouses, muscle shirts, excessively baggy pants, flip-flops, house-shoes and clothing with holes.
  • Excessively revealing clothes are not proper attire for court.
  • Absolutely no "sagging" will be permitted in the courtroom.
  • All skirts, skorts, or shorts must reach below the fingertip.
  • No undergarments shall displayed to the public.
  • Clothing revealing the buttocks, bare midsection, or exposed cleavage shall not be worn.
  • Clothing that advertises substances (drugs, alcohol, tobacco products) or language or writing that is otherwise inappropriate or offensive (sex, profanity, racial or ethnic slurs, gang-related, etc.) shall not be worn.
  • Clothing that is torn or shredded in inappropriate areas is prohibited.
  • If you are dressed in violation to the above dress code policy, you will not be permitted to enter the court room, and will be re-scheduled to appear at a later date, in more appropriate attire.
  • This policy applies to anyone wishing to enter the court room.
  • The Artesia Municipal Court (judge / court staff) reserves the right to modify this policy as necessary, and reserves the right to determine what might be disruptive and unsafe.

Effective: September 18, 2013