Business Licenses

Business Registration

Any person starting a business within the city limits must apply for a business registration for each place of business prior to the start of their business. The business registration application is reviewed for zoning and safety issues by appropriate city departments. The business registration fee is collected annually and is not transferable to another party. Business Registration Application / Business Registration Application (Spanish).

Business License

Some business ventures (such as food trucks or solicitors) that do not have a permanent location in Artesia will require a business license rather than a business registration. Business licenses fees may vary based on the type of business and are not transferable to another party. Business License Application / Business License Application (Spanish).

Business Relocation

Any business moving from a current location within city limits to another will be subject to re-inspection. After the relocation has been approved by all appropriate city departments a new registration fee will be required. Business Relocation Application / Business Relocation Application (Spanish)

Home Business

Home Businesses are regulated through the Community Development Department. Please contact their Office for guidelines and an application.

State CRS Numbers

Any business operating within Artesia city limits is required to provide a CRS (Combined Reporting System) number issued by the state. To obtain a CRS number please visit 

Where is this information located? Contact 575-748-8288 for questions regarding business registrations and licenses.