Library Services

  1. Artesia Daily Press Archives

    Look up historical information using your local newspaper archives.

  2. Genealogy Research

    Discover more about your history.

  3. Homebound Services

    Check out more about getting library materials delivered straight to your door.

  4. Interlibrary Loan

    Learn more about how to borrow books from multiple libraries.

  5. Limited Research Requests

    Find out more about limited research requests.

  6. Visually Impaired Services

    Find out more about state New Mexico State Library services, such as offering library materials for the visually impaired.

  7. Paperback Exchange

    Bring your paperback books to the library and exchange them for books you have not read.

  8. Museum Pass Program

    See the wonders of New Mexico's natural history and science for free!

  9. Xcel Energy Power Check Program

    See how the library can help you save energy and money too.

  10. Reader's Service

    Let us help you decide what to read next.