Emergency Preparedness

  1. Creating a Basic Emergency Plan

    Learn more about protecting yourself against emergencies and natural disasters.

  2. Dealing With Specific Disasters

    Strategize how you are going to deal with various natural disasters.

  3. Earthquakes

    Learn how to prepare for and survive earthquakes.

  4. Extreme Temperatures

    Check out important information in regards to preparing for extremely hot and cold temperatures.

  5. Family Communication Plan

    Gain information on creating a family communication plan.

  6. Fires

    Use this information to keep your family safe from fires.

  1. Floods

    Keep your family dry during flood season.

  2. Hazardous Materials

    Research information about hazardous materials.

  3. In Case of Evacuation

    Learn what to do in an evacuation situation.

  4. Managing a Disaster at Home

    Browse some information that will come in handy when managing a disaster at home.

  5. Preparing a Disaster Supply Kit

    Learn how to prepare a disaster supply kit.

  6. Terrorist Attack

    Utilize these tips on what to do during a terrorist attack.

  1. Thunderstorms

    Learn about the most common form of natural disaster.

  2. Tornadoes

    Review what to do during storms that produce tornadoes.

  3. Treating Serious Injuries

    Discover various ways to treat serious injuries.

  4. What to Do After a Disaster

    Check out what to do after a disaster.

  5. Why Prepare for Disaster

    Learn why you should prepare for disaster.